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While we wish to protect the fragile World Heritage Site, we also want to welcome visitors who come to explore the great outdoors. Green Fjord is a partnership movement that seeks to achieve sustainable development of human activities within the Geirangerfjorden World Heritage Site and the surrounding area.

The partnership’s ambitious vision is one of ‘leave no trace’. So far, more than 90 individuals, businesses and agencies have signed up as Green Fjord partners, and we aim to recruit even more. The objective is to increase the number of businesses authorised to use the ‘Pure perfection’ quality assurance stamp. We are working to reduce and remove the negative footprints of human activities and to protect and promote the qualities of nature, culture and the environment.

If you would like to influence the Green Fjord developments, sign up as a partner!


Partners in ‘Pure perfection’

‘Pure perfection’ is a partnership of businesses, organisations and local authorities that share a commitment to promote the vision of ‘leave no trace’. Environmentally certified partners are authorised to use the ‘Pure perfection’ quality assurance stamp in the promotion of their businesses. The condition is that they meet current environmental certification standards.

Partners get a chance to influence the development of Norway’s premiere tourism brand whilst taking part in a competence network. They also receive support and advice with respect to environmental certification.

Eco-lighthouse business certification scheme

Eco-lighthouse is a certification scheme for public enterprises and private businesses that wish to document their environmental credentials. The objective is to ensure that public enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses conduct themselves with greater environmental awareness and that they enhance their eco-friendliness. Businesses that seek Eco-lighthouse certification need to satisfy specific requirements relating to energy consumption, waste management, transport, procurement and the working environment. They also need to take measures to implement more environmentally friendly operations and a good working environment. The Eco-lighthouse Foundation was set up in 2003.

We recommend our environmentally certified partners:

  • Brasserie Posten AS, Geiranger
  • Emobility AS, Geiranger
  • Fjellgarden Gjæra, Norddal
  • Frøysa Restaurantdrift , Geiranger
  • Geiranger Hotelldrift AS, Geiranger
  • Geiranger Sjokolade AS, Geiranger
  • Geiranger Skysslag AS, Geiranger
  • Geiranger Utvikling AS, Geiranger
  • Hotel Union Geiranger, Geiranger
  • Joker Geiranger – Br. Maraak, Geiranger
  • Melchiorgarden, Norddal
  • Meretes Garden, Valldal
  • Norddal kommune, Valldal
  • Petrines Gjestgiveri AS, Norddal
  • Stiftinga Geirangerfjorden Verdsarv, Geiranger
  • Stiftinga Paktarstova, Norddal
  • Storfjord Bladlag AS, Valldal
  • Stranda Vidaregåande skule – Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune, Stranda
  • Sunnmøre Regionråd IKS, Ålesund
  • Trollbinding AS, Valldal
  • Valldal Aktivitetspark AS, Valldal
  • Villa Norangdal, Hellesylt
  • Westerås Gard, Geiranger
  • ÅRIM IKS, Ålesund

The Green Fjord Conference

Meeting places provide inspiration and build a foundation for learning. The Green Fjord Conference is held every two years in order to present the most recent developments in climate and environment friendly technology and solutions, specifically aimed at fjord and land-based travel and development. During the conference we challenge government agencies and businesses to contribute to a more sustainable development of the world heritage fjords. Experts from research communities, environmental labelling schemes, economic development agencies and technology retailers share their knowledge with us.

The next Green Fjord Conference will be held 11– 12 March 2020. Set aside the dates in your diary today!